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Julie Reshe, Жюли Реше, некр-психотерапевт



practicing philosopher,
negative psychoanalyst

and life-

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At present, I hold the position of a Visiting Professor at University College Cork and Director of the Institute of Psychoanalysis of the Global Center for Advanced Studies.


I studied psychology at the University of Oxford and received my Ph.D. from the Institute of Philosophy of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. I studied under the supervision of Alenka Zupančič, the key theorist of modern psychoanalysis, who was herself supervised by the philosophers Alain Badiou and Slavoj Žižek.

I am an APPA-certified philosophical counselor with over 300 clients experience.

I publish in English, Ukrainian, and Russian. I have authored 2 books and over 100 academic and popular articles.


Julie Reshe, PhD, states that no person is entirely self-sufficient, would not need support, would not be traumatized by the people closest to her and would not be in dominant relations. Why is a self-sufficient, independent and untraumatized personality a harmful myth? ... continue reading

Revolutionary Monsters: the Suicide of Identity Politics

In their discourse on the revolution, Negri and Hardt use the concept of a positive generative monster. Monstrosity arises as otherness, something contrary to the existing order.  ... continue reading

Beautiful Monsters: On Destructive Plasticity

Catherine Malabou claims that both neuroscience and psychoanalysis fail to take destructive plasticity into account, but they do it, just in different ways.  ... continue reading

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